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International Healthcare Center

Service advantages of the International Healthcare Center of SRRSH

SRRSH International Healthcare Center (IHC) is the earliest medical center with independent space and available international medical services in Zhejiang province. It is also one of the first medical centers to offer round-the-clock comprehensive health care in China. With a high reputation among foreigners and foreign-funded enterprises in Zhejiang province, the IHC of SRRSH has provided quality medical services for over 50,000 foreign patients from 180 countries and regions across the globe.

Service Advantages

  • Operation model

    Supported fully by 34 specialties, the IHC is based on internationally standardized General Practice, which has been accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP);

  • Language advantage

    The IHC offers bilingual (English and Chinese) medical services and bilingual medical reports;

  • Individualized whole-person quality care

    The care includes whole-process accompanying, interpretation, and guide services, which can be booked by telephone and email with a designed contact person;

  • Efficient design of appointment and treatment process

    One-stop payment system allows patients to enjoy convenient medical services;

  • The whole-process science-based insurance management system

    SRRSH is one of the most professional hospitals in the management of commercial healthcare insurance direct payment systems in China. Multiple departments establish dedicated teams to seamlessly coordinate with domestic and international insurance companies, delivering convenient services to foreign patients;

  • IMDT international remote consultation

    Collaborating with Mayo Clinic, SRRSH built the IMDT multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment platform, making the best medical remote consultation services available to numerous patients with complicated and rare diseases in China. Cooperation programs include eConsult, eBoards, and digital pathology;

  • Homogenous services provided by the two campuses of SRRSH

    The two campuses, Qingchun and Qiantang, share medical resources and organize regular professional training to provide high-level, homogenous medical services for patients.