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Medical Zone for Asian Games

To better act in line with the orientation of the 19 Asian Games “China’s New Era·Hangzhou New Asian Games”, SRRSH has upgraded the existing services from the aspects of organization and management, service capacity, service facilities, and multilingual capacity development and established the “On-campus and Off-campus, Air and Ground” whole-course international medical service system. The hospital has established the “Medical Zone for Asian Games” to provide streamlined medical service, showcasing the new image of SRRSH.

Green channel: Medical Zone for Asian Games

SRRSH has built a designated area for the Asian Games in Qingchun and Qiantang Campuses. This independent, well-equipped zone can provide one-stop services has the capacity to handle group injury incidents.

  • Address

    Qingchun: SRRSH Asian Games Zone (Tower I Hall), No.3 East Qingchun Road, Shangcheng District

    Qiantang: SRRSH Asian Games Zone (Emergency Hall), No. 368 Xiasha Road, Qiantang District

  • Hotline

    19558219654 (Chinese and English hotline for Qingchun and Qiantang Campuses, opened only during the Asian Games and Asian Para Games)

Medical treatment process

  • You arrive at the Medical Zone for Asian Games of SRRSH with relevant Asian Games certificates

  • Medical workers at the Triage Desk assign you to a predesignated patient care area based on your condition

  • You can complete all the processes in the area including examination,inspection,settlement,getting your medicine,admission,etc.

The official insurance for the Medical Zone for Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance, opens a branch office in the Asian Games Zone of SRRSH. If you have purchased its insurance, you can claim directly in the zone. Those who have been certified by the staff of China Pacific Insurance could enter the direct payment channel.