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Without Going Abroad, Connect to the Worlds Top Medical Services at SRRSH


Without Going Abroad, Connect to the World's Top Medical Services at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, here Comes our Good News!

Suffering from major illnesses, dragging heavy footsteps, queuing to register for the clinic, and asking for medical advice in a gloomy mood, even so, patients will never give up their efforts until it comes to their last shifts. High-net-worth group of people are pinning their attention overseas because they believe that the other side of the ocean has the world's top medical services and best hope for survival.
Many patients are familiar with Mayo Clinic, a world-renowned private non-profit medical institution with the largest and most advanced comprehensive medical system in the United States. Ranked number one in the best hospitals in the United States selected by U.S.News & World Report, Mayo Clinic ranked first in eight specialties.
In September 2017, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) affiliated with Zhejiang University School of Medicine joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network and became the first medical institution in China to work closely with Mayo Clinic to improve the delivery of health care.
By the end of 2018, SRRSH collaborated with Mayo Clinic to resolve 277 complex cases, including 261 cases of eConsult (network teleconsultation) and 16 cases of eBoard (electronic real-time multidisciplinary consultation).
This efficiency puzzled many patients who are preparing to travel across the ocean — as SRRSH is working with Mayo Clinic, do I still need to travel abroad to see a doctor?
Tumor Cases Represent the Largest Number among the 277 Cases
Help patients solve hospitalization problems

In more than a year, SRRSH officially submitted 277 complex patient cases to Mayo Clinic for consultation. These cases came from all over the country. Among them, the Department of Oncology initiated the most consultations, accounting for 30% of them; the followings are Tumor Surgery and Anorectal Surgery. The choice of oncology program is the reason why most patients choose to initiate an international consultation.
Chen Wenjun, chief physician of SRRSH’s Department of Oncology and director of the Medical Department, remembers the first case submitted to the Mayo Clinic eBoard for consultation. Ms. Fang (pseudonym), who was met at the Putuo Branch of Shao Yifu Hospital, had undergone breast cancer surgery seven or eight years ago. Now, the cancer had spread to the liver, lungs and bones.
In order to seize the opportunity to survive, the patient told Chen Wenjun that she wanted to go to Mayo Clinic.
However, Ms. Fang is also very clear about that racing with death, once she chooses overseas treatment, she can't escape the complicated visa-application procedures, translation and long appointment time, and the impact of the boat itself on her condition.


Engage with treatment of Mayo Clinic directly.


Through the eBoard process, SRRSH and the Mayo Clinic expert team fully discuss via video conferencing the most suitable treatment plans for patients. This collaboration helps SRRSH patients benefit from the advice of the world's top medical experts while staying close to home.


Ms. Wang (pseudonym) is one of the beneficiaries of eConsult, another way of treatment.

After the unfortunate suffering from left breast infiltration, Ms. Wang had a strong willingness to reserve her breast. However, according to the patient's condition, the doctor proposed that it is not advisable to forcibly reserve the breast. It is recommended that the patient should start the neoadjuvant treatment first, which means have treatment before the operation, and then take the breast-reserving surgery after the tumor has been reduced.
Under hesitation, Ms. Wang hoped to hear from the Mayo Clinic. SRRSH initiated eConsult with the Mayo Clinic and submitted the patient's pathology, original imaging data, and translated clinical summary to Mayo Clinic for advice on Ms. Wang's treatment issues.
Soon, Mayo Clinic expert's consultation suggestion was returned to SRRSH: Mayo Clinic experts agreed with the current treatment plan of the SRRSH medical team. After receiving this expert agreement from the world's top medical institution, Ms. Wang accepted the new adjuvant therapy with great care and is now waiting for breast-reserving surgery.
SRRSH’s joining the Mayo Clinic Care Network is not a unidirectional way for transferring patients, but a bilateral “Silk Road”.
On the one hand, if patients who have undergone eConsult and eBoard in Shao need to go to Mayo Clinic for treatment, they can be transferred directly to  Mayo Clinic via the green channel with the generated case number.

There is a coordinator between the hospital and Mayo Clinic to make a special contact. In the United States, there will even be volunteers to go to the airport for pick-up and transfer services.


On the other hand, life-saving opportunities no longer only existing overseas, Mayo Clinic also recommends patients to return to China for treatment.


Mr. Zhao is a typical patient who went to the Mayo Clinic and was transferred back to SRRSH by Mayo Clinic experts.


Seeking for a better treatment effects abroad, Mr. Zhao, a 68-year-old patient, was transferred to Mayo Clinic for further medical treatment through an agency due to liver cancer. During the transfer, Mr. Zhao felt dizzy, coughing and accompanied with edema in both lower limbs.


After the evaluation of Mayo Clinic experts, Mr. Zhao is not suitable for any clinical trials conducted by Mayo Clinic. It is recommended to carry out systemic therapy and temporary liver support treatment, and Rigofini can be taken orally after oral liver function improved.


Considering the economic issue and follow-up treatments, Mr. Zhao and his family hope to be transferred to domestic hospital for further medical treatment. Mayo Clinic recommends that the patient be referred to Shao to continue treatment.
Back to China, Mr. Zhao did not choose a hospital in his hometown, Wuhan, but chose SRRSH. Due to SRRSH's collaboration with Mayo Clinic and online consultation, Mr. Zhao's examination data in the United States was quickly and seamlessly accepted, and all image data was introduced into the SRRSH medical system, which facilitated the subsequent evaluation of curative effect. At present, Mr. Zhao's drug tolerance is acceptable and stays in a stable condition, also he is regularly receiving clinical treatment by SRRSH.


The experience of Mr. Zhu, a 55-year-old patient, was a typical case of transferring from SRRSH to Mayo Clinic, and later back to SRRSH.
A few years ago, Mr. Zhu was treated in hospitals in Shanghai and Jiangsu due to lung tumor recurrence and metastasis. In February last year, after Mr. Zhu conducted a remote consultation with the Mayo Clinic at SRRSH, Mayo Clinic then recommended that patients should be treated with the “doxorubicin and olararumab” regimen. However, because the drug has not yet been listed in China, SRRSH opened a green channel for the transfer of Mr. Zhu and transferred him to  Mayo Clinic in the United States for treatment.
In May, Mr. Zhu conducted a 2-cycle "doxorubicin +olaratumab" regimen at Mayo Clinic. After the treatment, he was assessed to be stable and returned to China for further treatment. In July, he continued to have 4 cycles of treatment in SRRSH. The patient's condition continues to be stable.

The Diagnosis and Treatment Plan of Chinese and American Experts is often Consistent

"Domestic treatment can cure diseases" is a win-win situation for both doctors and patient


Over the past year, SRRSH has continued to build a path with the Mayo Clinic in a rigorous and responsible manner, to bring more and more conveniences for patients. At the same time, the president of SRRSH, Dr. Cai Xiujun, feel unexpected and reasonable about the fact that: “Most of the patients came with multiple-choice questions, however, after many times of consultations with Mayo Clinic, we found that Chinese and American experts diagnosed and treated patients quite consistently".
Even if you don't pursue the "perfect moon" of foreign countries, you can see the professional strength from the consistent opinions made by our doctor and Mayo Clinic experts.
"Facing complex and difficult diseases, our doctors reflect the strong research spirit and "patient-centered" sense of responsibility of Chinese doctors by showing evidence-based thinking, problem-solving thinking, and extensive reading of the literature." said Mr. Cai Xiujun. "Our collaboration with Mayo Clinic to cure patients in China[MOU1]  not only represent the win-win situation between patients and doctors, but also give our doctors greater confidence."
People live cautiously, and no one wants to encounter diseases like Mr. Zhao or Mr. Zhu(?), but the probability of cancers falling on Chinese people is getting higher and higher.
What is gratifying is that seeking medical treatment across the ocean may no longer be necessary[MOU2] . Smooth consultation channels, lower medical costs, homogenized medical services, and shorter time to visit have become the keys to more and more patients applying to SRRSH and physicians  that can offer patients a Mayo Clinic consultation.

 [MOU1]We recommend rephrasing the close of this quote by Dr. Cai because Mayo Clinic is working with SRRSH physicians – Mayo is not talking to patients through these services.  

 [MOU2]Patients may still wish to travel for some care not available in China, as the aforementioned patient story mentions, so it’s better to say that travel “may” no longer be necessary.