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SRRSH Contributes to Fight Against the Global Pandemic


By Si Xiaocai (Shelia)

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, SRRSH affiliated with Zhejiang University School of Medicine has been invited by medical institutions around the world many times to share the hospital's successful experience in the prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus. At the same time, the hospital launched overseas real-time online inquiry services, made every effort to provide assistance in materials and the like. A large number of doctors spontaneously carried out point-to-point remote overseas assistance.


Cai Xiujun, the president of SRRSH, said that since the outbreak, overseas cooperative institutions and relevant departments have offered assistance and donated materials to SRRSH to help the hospital survive the difficult time of epidemic prevention and control. Currently, the epidemic situation in overseas countries is heating up. As being in an international hospital in a global community of shared future, we have a responsibility to share the series of prevention and treatment experiences explored by the hospital with our peers in the world.

SRRSH has normalized its global online academic seminars. Up to now, it has cooperated with 30 countries (USA, Russia, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, UAE, Turkey, India, Mexico, Rwanda, Indonesia, South Africa, Syria, etc.) to conduct 7 large-scale online academic seminars and over 150 online doctor interactive consultation. More than 100 overseas medical institutions involved and 1300 Chinese and foreign experts participated.

At the beginning of the epidemic, hearing about China ’s difficulties and SRRSH’s lack of medical protection resources, many cooperative institutions spontaneously collected, purchased and donated various materials to support SRRSH, such as Loma Linda University (USA), Mayo Clinic (USA), Shizuoka General Hospital (Japan), the Alumni Association of Zhejiang University in Australia as well as many overseas families.

All along, SRRSH and Loma Linda University (LLU) have maintained a comprehensive and substantial partnership. Twenty-six years ago, the medical and management team from Loma Linda University took fully charge of the newly established Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital in the first five years, introducing advanced hospital management concepts and technologies to China.

At the beginning of the epidemic outbreak in China, LLU contacted our hospital for the first time, "trying its best to support" and donated 8400 N95 protective masks to SRRSH as quickly as possible. This quantity was all the inventory of the entire LLU at that time. Meanwhile, LLU also actively contacted manufacturers to help customize medical protective clothing.


As of today, seven batches of supplies have arrived at SRRSH. The total value of the supplies is about 1.5 million yuan, including protective clothing, N95 masks, goggles, surgical masks, etc. All of these materials have become the most sturdy armor for protecting our medical staff.

The help from global collaborative partners has warmed SRRSH’s hearts, allowing the hospital to whether the most difficult times.

Currently, the pandemic is raging around the world and our counterparts in overseas countries are facing similar challenges. On March 27, SRRSH and Mayo Clinic jointly launched an online webinar to share the "Chinese Plan" with 47 members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. There were 174 hospital management and clinical experts from Mayo Clinic Care Network members attending the webinar.

On April 2, SRRSH remotely connected the "Brother Hospital" of Loma Linda University Health to share the "Chinese Plan". On the same day, at the invitation of the Zhejiang University and the University of Sydney, SRRSH shared the experience and situation of the COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment and prevention.In the current escalating epidemic situation in the world, the extremely precious "SRRSH Experience" demonstrates the enthusiasm and responsibility of all medical workers in the hospital, injecting power into the global anti-epidemic battle.

On April 15, SRRSH's had a webinar with Rwandan health authority and hospital administrators, contributing efforts to Africa's anti-epidemic battle. Subsequently, the Chicago Science and Technology Commission invited SRRSH to to share anti-epidemic experience on an online scientific forum, aiming to prevent the spread and elimination of virus. In this special connection, the Minister of Health expressed that "all colleagues of the Rwandan Ministry of Health benefit from it".

On April 23, under the vigorous promotion of the Chinese Embassy in Syria, SRRSH held a video exchange meeting of health experts with the Syrian Ministry of Health on the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Ms. Zhuang Yiyu, vice president of the hospital, Ahmed, Deputy Minister of Health of Syria, and many medical experts attended the meeting online. At the meeting, many experts from SRRSH shared their experiences and practices from the epidemiological characteristics of the COVID-19 epidemic, prevention and control strategies, clinical diagnosis and treatment, and close tracking, and interacted with a total of 9 experts from the Syrian Ministry of Health and other units from the Syrian side. They also conducted in-depth exchanges on issues related to the diagnosis and clinical treatment of COVID-19.