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Tribute to the Heroes! SRRSH Won 3 National Awards Today!


Translator: Ni Shuyan   

Reviewer: Si Xiaocai (Shelia)

On September 8th morning, a national meeting was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to commend role models in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. President Xi delivered a keynote speech and presented medals to recipients of the Medal of the Republic and the national honorary title for their outstanding contributions to the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

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In today's meeting, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital won three national honors and its Medical Support Team to Hubei Jingmen was also awarded the title of “National Advanced Group in Fighting against the COVID-19 Epidemic”. Liu Limin, the Captain of the Medical Support Team, Party Secretary and Vice President of t SRRSH was commended as a representative. Yu Hong, the Captain of the Medical Support Team, who is also the Vice President of the SRRSH, won the titles of "National Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19 Epidemic" and "National Outstanding CPC Member" in the conference.



Cai Xiujun, the president of SRRSH, pointed out that "The three honors fully affirm the contribution that our hospital has made in fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic. The honors that we got are the pride of all the staff in SRRSH."  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Hospital responded to the call of the country actively and organized 9 medical support teams with 191 medical staff to go to different areas in order to fight against the epidemic. All the members worked in unity and devoted themselves to the forefront, making a great contribution to defeating the epidemic.

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On February 12 , SRRSH decided to set up a 37-member medical assistance team as the first batch in Zhejiang to support Jingmen. Liu Limin, the Secretary of the Party Committee, asked to lead the team in order to provide medical treatment and help to control the epidemic in Jingmen. The death rate where they went was the highest in Hubei Province. At the same time, medical resources were scarce and patients were scattered there. Although the situation was tough for all the medical personnel, the medical team treated 32 patients during the 46-day "battle" and achieved the goal of "zero infection" for all medical staff. They were even the first team in Jingmen who use ECMO to cure patients. Through their efforts, they helped Jingmen maintain "no new deaths" for 23 consecutive days and let the death rate in Jingmen dropped from top in Hubei Province to the fifth.

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On February 14, Yu Hong led another medical assistance team that had 142 members to provide support for Wuhan. As the core of the team, Yu Hong managed the team in an orderly manner and used his professional expertise to treat critically ill patients. Tumor Center of Wuhan Union Hospital and Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital were both their “battlefields”, Yu Hong and his team completed the rescue mission successfully there. A total of 97 patients were treated, including 6 ECMO patients and there were no deaths or infections of medical staff. As the temporary Secretary of the Party General Branch of the medical team, Yu Hong actively promote international medical exchanges and share the treatment experience of severe and critical patients with colleagues in the world.