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SRRSH’s Glorious Moments in the Historic Year 2020


By Si Xiaocai (Shelia)

The year 2020 has witnessed an unprecedented history. This is the closing year of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the first round of "Double First-Class" construction. It is a year for all people to fight the epidemic side by side, a year that SRRSH focuses on the high-quality competitiveness and modernization and a year when the new era breaks through the waves.

1. Anti-epidemic Work

In 2020, no one can forget this majestic life rescue in the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year on January 25, the first batch of "warriors" from SRRSH embarked on the expedition to Wuhan. We will never forget this journey, which is full of starlight, wind and snow.


On April 15th, all the 184 warriors of SRRSH medical support team to Hubei returned home. We will not forget this reunion with no one lost in the battle against the epidemic.


There are 194 SRRSH staff in Wuhan, Jingmen, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Shaanxi, Beijing, Xinjiang...

Ten medical support battlefields.

104 teams, 238,000 free online consultations.

Nearly 120 cross-ocean connections in 30 countries.

We share experience and convey warmth to the world.


In the full-chain innovation system for epidemic prevention and control, every memory is connected with a touching story.

Every place the people need help has the footprints of SRRSH staff, and all efforts have been recognized.


In 2020, these days of fighting the "pandemic" and sharing weal and woe together will be a collective unforgettable experience. This year we witnessed an extraordinary history on the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, experienced unimaginable difficulties, but also gained unprecedented courage.

2. Hospital Management

The first report card of the national public hospital performance appraisal was announced.

In the first "National Examination", we ranked first matrix among the national public hospitals. SRRSH ranks No.11 among all national general hospitals including 2,398 tertiary public hospitals in the country. Only 1%of participating hospitals have been rated A++, and SRRSH is one of them.


SRRSH won the "2019 Zhejiang Provincial People's Government Quality Management Innovation Award", the province's first and only medical institution to be selected.


In Fudan University Hospital Management Institute “2019 Comprehensive Ranking of Chinese Hospitals ” &“ 2019 Chinese Hospital Specialty Rankings ”, the overall strength of SRRSH ranks No.78 in the country, up 23 places year-on-year, and the scientific research and academic score was 8.28, ranking 37 in the country, up 64 places year-on-year, becoming the fastest-improving hospital in China


3. Medical Highland

The year 2020 is the first year that SRRSH takes the lead in undertaking the construction of the national respiratory regional medical center.

The ability to diagnose and treat various common, frequent, difficult, and rare diseases is continuously enhanced.

Zhejiang has the largest number of complicated, difficult and critical interventional operations.

The number of cases with RW>2 accounted for 15.45%, and the CMI value reached 1.03.

Respiratory interventional field has always led the provincial level, becoming a National Respiratory Endoscopy Training Base and Zhejiang Respiratory Disease Control and Guidance Center.


We participate in the construction of comprehensive national and regional medical centers with high standards, build a minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment center in all directions, and strive to build a regional minimally invasive highland.

In 2020, we completed the first robot-assisted single port laparoscopic left hepatectomy in the world.

During the National Day holiday, SRRSH's transplant team completed 9 difficult transplant operations in 8 days.


We also had the first fourth-generation Da Vinci robot in a public comprehensive tertiary-level hospital in Zhejiang Province, becoming the first hospital in Zhejiang Province with two Da Vinci robots.

4. Internet + Healthcare

In 2020, we launched the first batch of Internet follow-up consultation and dispensing services in the province, and completed the "chronic disease renewal + medicine delivery" for 19,581 person-times. SRRSH becomes the first one in Zhejiang to launch a full-process self-service system for nucleic acid, antibody online flow adjustment, self-service billing, and settlement, and is the first to launch the private customized "Intelligent Pharmacist " in the province.


SRRSH takes the lead in the province to test online medical insurance settlement in Zhejiang and Shanghai.

SRRSH is among the first batch of hospitals to use national unified electronic bills for medical fee in the province.

In October 2020, the General Office of the National Health Commission issued a report to promote the "Internet + healthcare" service of SRRSH.

5. Global Collaboration and Contribution

The first international journal of minimally invasive surgery in China was founded by SRRSH. It was selected as a new publication project of high starting point of China Science and Technology Journal Excellence Action Plan.


We join hands with Mayo Clinic in the United States to launch the transoceanic clinic, building an international cutting-edge quality medical platform for Chinese patients.

Cooperating with Mayo Clinic and Zhejiang University, SRRSH has built an international rare disease diagnosis and treatment center, becoming the country's first international rare disease diagnosis and treatment center. Together with 22 countries in the Arabic-speaking area, SRRSH has established the “Belt and Road” Minimally Invasive Medicine Academy to build SRRSH Silk Road.


6. Campus Expansion

In 2020, the main structure of Tower V project was successfully completed, and the total construction project is planned to be successfully completed in mid-2022.


The regional value of Xiasha Campus has continued to be highlighted, and the Shuangling Campus has been put into use, and Grand Canal Campus has officially started and is scheduled to be completed and delivered in 2024.


Shaoxing Campus project was officially signed and started smoothly. It is expected to be put into use in 2024.


7. Expectation

In the 12 months of 2020, everyone's courage and warmth will gather greater strength and courage for us to cope with changes and open up new situations in the future.

The year 2021 is bound to be a grand journey. It marks the 100th  anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, is a year to build a well-off society at a high level, the starting year for the "14th Five-Year Plan" , and the first anniversary for the opening of "important windows" in the new journey of modernization.

May we ride the tide of the times together, and hope that everyone will be full of happiness in the colorful life.