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The Art of Doctors’ Love ! They made the “Blood ID card” for patients


By Si Xiaocai (Shelia)

In 1900, Austrian pathological geneticist Landsteiner discovered the ABO blood group system, and blood transfusion medicine developed from a single clinical treatment method to an independent discipline in modern medicine.


Today's blood transfusion department not only provides blood transfusion protection for the clinic, but also continuously seeks in-depth cooperation with various clinical departments to jointly explore more new treatment methods with less trauma, high safety and good effect, so as to safeguard people's lives and health.


"Precision" is the craftsman spirit advocated by the Blood Transfusion Department of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University. The Department of Blood Transfusion has set up a joint reference laboratory for blood group gene testing, which is one of the eight major laboratories in the country under the "Blood Type Gene Testing Joint Reference Laboratory" of the Clinical Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health. "We use molecular biology methods to perform blood group genotyping to solve the antigen-antibody disorder caused by disease. When blood group serology is difficult to determine the patient's blood type, reliable results can be obtained. At the same time, special blood types can also be found. " said Song Tiejun, the quality director of the blood transfusion department of SRRSH. He is very proud that the department focuses on quality management and is one of the first units to participate in the inter-room quality assessment of blood transfusion compatibility for the Clinical Examination Center of the Ministry of Health. And its quality construction has passed the National Accreditation Commission 15189 for blood transfusion quality laboratory accreditation, becoming the benchmark of the industry.


In addition, the Blood Transfusion Department of SRRSH also co-organized the 3rd National Technical Training Course for Difficult Blood Type Identification by the Clinical Examination Center of the Ministry of Health, and undertook standardized training for blood transfusion practitioners in medical institutions in the province. "Without ingenuity, it is difficult to be a good doctor. We pursue technological breakthroughs with excellence and hope to contribute to the development of blood transfusion science." Song Tiejun said, believing that medicine is the science of caring for life, and doctors need the spirit of craftsmanship to bring hope to more families. It is both a responsibility and an honor.