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Buildings of the Fifth Project at SRRSH: an Impressive Touch of Medical Intelligence


By Shelia (Si Xiaocai)

Recently, residents in Hangzhou are stunned by amazing buildings of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, affiliated with Zhejiang University School of Medicine. As an important construction project of Zhejiang Municipal Government and a medical project to support the Asian Games, the buildings are characterized by convenient entry, spacious wards, the operation of intelligence pharmacy... Moreover, they are designed to deliver new changes in medical service models, new operating modes of medical buildings and more quality treatment services for the general public... 


Sophisticated Design
Located in the hectic center of Hangzhou, the buildings of the 5th project address the challenge posed by the crowded Qingchun Campus by integrating various medical functions. For example, tower 6 is intended to provide outpatient services, international healthcare and other core services.


Interconnected Landscape
In line with a patient-centered concept, the new buildings create an interconnected space where patients no longer need to step out of the building but receive one-stop intelligent services under the same roof, including outpatient services, intelligent ordering, operations and prescription.


Combination of Daily and Epidemic Use

With new buffer zones set in the buildings, SRRSH can shift from general healthcare providers at normal times to respiratory and epidemic wards when fighting against covid-19. Moreover, the new buildings are equipped with advanced helipad for emergency treatment during the Asian Games, let alone underground direct entry to the nearby subway station.


As the president of SRRSH, Dr. Cai Xiujun pointed out that the hospital will utilize the resources of the buildings to embrace further progress for health care and the wellbeing of huamnity.