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The 4th Annual Chinese Public Hospital Development Forum Healthy China Summit Held in Hangzhou


The 4th Annual Chinese Public Hospital Development Forum

Healthy China Summit Held in Hangzhou

Edited by Xu Chao / Reviewed by Si Xiaocai

On June10, 2017 The 4th Annual Chinese Public Hospital Development Forum - Healthy China Summit, hosted by Health News and organized by Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) affiliated with Zhejiang University School of Medicine, was held ceremoniously in Hangzhou International Expo Center.


The theme of the forum was “Build a Healthy China and Let Major Hospitals Make Great Contributions”. Around 1500 participants gathered at the Qiantang riverside, including government leaders, directors of national health and administrative departments, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering , hundreds of presidents of large public hospitals, as well as experts and scholars from home and abroad, to exchange views on “Healthy China”.  Participants had in-depth discussions about several medical topics such as “Hospital Transformation in the Era of Zero Mark-up on Medication”, “The Major Hospitals’ Role and Responsibility in Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment ”, “The Public Hospital Reform and Development” as well as “Deconstruction and Sharing of the Sir Run Run Shaw Model”.


Comprehensive public hospital reform will be carried out in 2017. Building Healthy China has become the highlight of deepening medical-sanitary system reform during “The 13th Five Year” Period, of which the core is joint reformation for public health services, medical insurance and medical production circulation, separation of clinic from pharmacy, and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.  The conference offers broad space for the development of internet medical industry and also opportunities and challenges for the development of large public hospitals.


Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital stands as a young but innovative large comprehensive hospital. Guided by “Building Healthy China” strategy and the Belt and Road policy, it has cooperated with many other regional medical centers to jointly forge a new model of internet-based “Belt and Road” remote medical cooperation relying on the “SRRSH Health Cloud Platform”.  These medical centers include Xinjiang Corps First Division Hospital, Kashi Prefectural First People's Hospital, Akesu Prefectural Second People’s Hospital and the like.


“SRRSH – Xinjiang Remote Medical Cooperation Platform” was officially launched as per this new model at the opening ceremony of the summit.


The platform launch event was hosted by Liu Limin, the Party Secretary and Vice President of SRRSH. Many governmental and hospital leaders attended the forum in two separate venues. Notable presenters at the Hangzhou ceremony were Feng Fei, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor, Zou Xiaodong, Party Secretary of Zhejiang University, Zhang Zongjiu, director of Medical Affairs Bureau of National Healthcare and Family Planning Committee, Hong Guoliang, Deputy Commander of Zhejiang Provincial Xinjiang-Aid Headquarters and Assistant Division Commander of Xinjiang Corps First Division and Cai Xiujun, SRRSH President.  Similarly, at the Xinjiang venue Huo Zhiqiang, Director of Health Bureau of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as well as other leaders in Xinjiang participated. The leaders in the two separated places touched the big screen at the same moment so as to launch the platform on line simultaneously.


Extended and developed from SRRSH Health Cloud Platform, the remote medical cooperation platform breaks through the traditional remote medical model of “fixed time and place” and enables the remote medical cooperation to be internet-based and mobile. It will facilitate and improve the medical resources connection between Zhejiang and Xinjiang regions and realize the collaborative sharing of South Xinjiang regional medical resources.


Lin Hui, Deputy Director of SRRSH Party and Administration Office, made a demonstration on the spot of key functions of the platform, including remote mobile consultation and remote video education.  Additionally, the platform supports other service functions such as remote joint clinic, multi-modal remote consultation, remote mobile ward rounds, remote image diagnosis and mobile technology guidance. In the future, the platform will continuously strengthen service functions, help to innovate international medical service cooperation mechanism and extend international medical services. A complete and open “Silk Road Cross-border Medical Service Platform” is expected to come so as to comprehensively promote the “Belt and Road” Strategy.


SRRSH Health Cloud Platform

SRRSH Health Cloud Platform is a practice resulting in the process of SRRSH medical internet-based construction and the first mobile smart healthcare cloud platform nationwide with hierarchical diagnosis and treatment as its core. Initially begun April 2015, the platform currently has more than 41,000 doctors registered and 1200 medical institutions involved. It has served more than 300 thousand patients for eConsults and referrals. Meanwhile, SRRSH published Health Cloud Platform 2.0 in “the 3rd World Internet Congress”. Its practice which is described in the article, “Innovation Program of Ngari Health Cloud Platform Constructing Grading Diagnosis and Treatment” won “the 2nd Hospital Service Innovation Qipu Award”.

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