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Successful Achievement of HIMSS 7 Accreditation



Aug 28, 2017 is a historical moment for Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) as it achieved the highest stage of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)—Stage 7, making SRRSH the first comprehensive hospital in China that has been accredited by both Joint Commission International (JCI) and HIMSS 7.

HIMSS is the abbreviation of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, which focuses on positively transforming health and healthcare through the best use of information technology (IT). HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) is one of the best systems that measure the technology level and the management of a hospital. The model identifies the levels of electronic medical record (EMR) capabilities ranging from limited ancillary department systems through a paperless EMR environment. There are eight (8) stages in total (as shown in the following picture): Stage 0-Stage 7, with Stage 7 being the highest. All lower stages must have been achieved before a higher level will be considered as achieved. 


SRRSH has always been in the leading role in China in transforming healthcare through the use of technology. As the pioneer of constructing hospital informatics systems, SRRSH started to use and to optimize the following systems as soon as they are available: Laboratory Information System (LIS), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Mobile Healthcare. In 2015, SRRSH became the first hospital in the province to achieve the Stage 6 of HIMSS EMRAM, which laid a very solid foundation for its application of Stage 7. SRRSH never stopped at being good and has been pursuing for excellence. Therefore, the system has been improved since the achievement of Stage 6. Breakthroughs have been achieved in the following areas: Closed Loop Management, Construction of a Paperless EMR Environment, Clinical Decision Making, EMR, Medication Management, Single Log-in, and the Connection among Systems. 


From August 26-28, three HIMSS Analytics, including the regional director of North America, Mr. Philip W Bradley, a senior CMIO of Mercy Health, Ohio, Mr. Stephen Beck and a senior physician from Women and Children’s Hospital in Guangzhou China, Ms. Song YanYan, conducted a three-day survey at SRRSH. The workgroup spoke highly of the EMR after thorough investigations through the systems and that the philosophy of “Medication Closed Loop” was perfectly performed across the hospital. 


At the finally report, the group leader, Mr. Philp W. Bradley announced that SRRSH successfully achieved the highest stage of HIMSS EMRAM—Stage 7! He also congratulated the hospital cultivating the culture of using technology to transform healthcare. He complimented the perfect interactions among different systems at SRRSH, especially the connections between Doctor’ EMR and that of the Nurses’.

1505960284130054.jpg  1505960315924925.jpg  1505960475127292.jpg

Executive Director of HIMSS Greater China, Ms. Liu Jilan, also came to the final report to congratulate SRRSH for this great achievement. She mentioned that SRRSH was the first in China to use Barcode for tracking medications. She hopes that through the achievement of the highest stage of HIMSS, SRRSH could continue to lead in China. 

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Dr. Cai Xiujun, President of SRRSH, stated that HIMSS 7 is not a destination for us, but rather a beginning. Technology shall be fully used to help transform the healthcare environment and hospital management. SRRSH will continue to work towards the better health through information technology and try its best to provide patients with quality, safe and effective healthcare!


Edited by Qu Yuedan

Reviewed by Wang Mengyi