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Proud of My Preceptor


Proud of My Preceptor

I was honored to be Fangfang’s preceptee. She is an individual with extraordinary character. I have witnessed her dedication to her job. First, she possesses all the qualities an ideal nurse is known to have, such as her professional competence, kindness, and humility. Nurse Fangfang is of tough and strong personality, yet, at the same time, gentle and empathetic to all her patients and those who shadow her. 

I am an international medical student currently interning in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital. Nurse Fangfang has personally taken me under her wing and guided my every move in multiple hands-on procedures till I succeeded. I have gained so much from her, both experience and knowledge. I’d only wish that one day I could practice my skills as nimble and accurate as hers. Even her confidence is admirable. Her relationship with her coworkers is also worth mentioning, that she is well-liked by all and never ceases to lend a hand when requested.

Once, a patient had the problem of dysphasia and my tutor tried to insert a nasogastric tube into the patient’s stomach. Unfortunately he failed for several times due to the narrow nasal cavity and emotional stress of the patient. My tutor was upset and felt guilty of failure, at that time, Nurse Fangfang walked into the ward and prepared to say goodbye to the patient. She started to talk to them and tried to find the reason of nasal intubation failure when she saw the panic patient and upset doctor. After discussed with the doctor and the patient, she identified the major problem was that the patient was nervous and in sever anxiety when the doctor performed the procedure. As a nurse in charge of the patient, Fangfang acted like a friend of him and explained to the patient with the steps and importance of nasogastric intubation. When my tutor began to try for the last time, nurse Fangfang hold the patient’s hands in hers and guided him how to cooperate with the procedure step by step. Finally, the intubation procedure was successful, and the patient praised Fangfang immediately. I cannot think of a better candidate for this prestigious award.

Name: Fangfang Chen, BSN, RN

Unit:1-8Fgastroenterology Unit

Author: Annette Yong

Translator: Zhou Na

Reviewer: Wang Mengyi