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My Study Experience in Shizuoka


My Study Experience in Shizuoka

On my first day in shizuoka, Japan, I learned about garbage classification., and found that the residents and patients in the hospital were able to strictly enforce the rules, and felt that the Japanese people had a strong sense of environmental protection and energy conservation. Employees do their job in the hospital, see a white-haired security, at the entrance to the hall of the crosswalk line seriously command vehicles, have the patient makes the car stop crossing the street, and apologize for vehicles and pedestrians through the thanks to its bow and quickly pass.

I live in the dormitory to ward building must pass through the new building construction area, every day there is a security officer will stand at the crossroads superintending the work on the construction, if someone can raise a white flag, running and loading and unloading of goods lift will stop, and then waved the red flag tells you can pass, even reminds you be head has a rock fall, please go with the grid coverage area, every time after the friendly bow and say hello.


The trees here are neatly trimmed, the roads are clean, and there are very few garbage cans in Japan, and I can only throw the garbage on Monday and Thursday in shizuoka district. Once in the morning to see the botanical garden construction of flowers and trees in the hospital, on the ground with a layer of plastic, cut down the branches and leaves in it, when completed all pack out, there are a lot of leaves on the road side seam, workers with a sticky brush clean it all out. Many things need everyone to work together to do well.

Doctors and patients respect each other. There was a patient who had a laryngoscopy, and after that, the patient asked a lot of his own situation and concerns, and the doctor answered them all. The patient did not get up and the doctor was not in a hurry to let the patient go. I think doctors are very patient with patients, partly because the hospital is an appointment system, not a lot of patients. Finally the patient got up and prepared to go back. He bowed like a doctor and thanked him, and the doctor stood up and said to the patient that you were working hard today. The patient also expressed his gratitude to those of us who stood by and watched. We reciprocated and everything was harmonious and natural.


Privacy is very protective. In the clinic, my teacher will tell the patient in advance that there is a student to participate in and ask for the patient's advice, if they don't want to, I can't be into the clinic.Five patients were rejected during the clinic. At present, the domestic hospitals also attach great importance to the privacy protection of patients, such as the implementation of a one-person clinic in our hospital and the closing of the door. Employees should not be allowed to talk about their illness in public areas such as elevators. When leaving, they should withdraw from the interface of electronic medical records.


After the hospital patients in Japan have entered into will pull the curtain or screen, if it is gynecology and obstetrics, and a relatively short curtain could do patients and the inspection of the doctor's face cover, avoid embarrassment, and even same-sex there must be a nurse.


Go with bedsore team ward inspection, check their group includes a dermatologist, dieticians, nurses, when we came to the patient before the bed, the last one employee will pull the whole curtain up. Importance of privacy might and national life habit, in the ward without family chaperone, each unit is pull a curtain, bed feeling patient lived in their own curtain, there is no communication between patients, but in our country, there must be a communication between each other, even became patients, so the ward can appear particularly quiet here, the nurse doctor check, before coming to bed curtain, I will come in, will be told in advance the patients get a response after will pull open the curtain.


During the period of learning, some equipment and materials in the hospital when shooting can need asked the teacher, every teacher carefully did confirm that the above patient information, such as to make a computer interface, the teacher will use post-it notes have stick to the name of the patient.  Impressed me most is a quill Africa's delegation to the hospital HCU (High Care Unit) to visit, have a visitor took a picture, then have a nurse came and asked whether have a look at the photos just now, because she didn't pull the door of the patient timely out, afraid captured the patient, the last confirmed without involving the patient privacy. When observing the medical operation, the translation of the hospital was not admitted to the medical staff, and she did not enter it consciously. These details are worthy of our thinking and learning. We need to enhance the consciousness of our whole team, protect patients' privacy and respect patients.


The hospital have a department called the regional connection chamber, the regional support center to find the right private medical institutions, establish contacts on hospitalized patients after discharge, the discharge difficult patients were interviewed, understand the reason and solve problems. Such as no child in the home to look after, will contact the children to come together to discuss the solution, according to the patient needs help connect closer to home or visit the nurse to help medical institutions, will detail the cost of insurance, let patients can choose appropriate own scheme finally, reassuring discharged from hospital.


Substantially similar advanced equipment at home and abroad, a lot of our operation method and level beyond them, even on the intelligent appointments and mobile payment is far ahead of them, there are some content because of different national conditions, cultural difference itself has no comparable, but I think people-centered care, in order to improve the humanized measures of patient satisfaction, on some service details or worthy of reference and learning. Also personally feel people's enthusiasm and friendly here, deeply realize the medical treatment without borders, to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, the spirit of the cause of human health efforts is interlinked, medical workers are the most lovely people of this age!

Author: Feng Lifei