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LLUH SIMS Group and SRRSH Jointly Carried Out Healthcare Activities for Chinese Patients


Edited by Han Fan and Hong Yiying

Reviewed by Si Xiaocai

SIMS, short for Students for International Mission Service, participate in many mission trips every year. They go to Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Cuba, Africa and China. SIMS group comes to China every two years and this is the 4th group to China.  


On the evening of August 7, 14 SIMS group members participated in the Mission Story Night English Salon with more than 30 staff from different departments of SRRSH to share different mission cultures.


Following a welcome speech by the director of Center for International Collaboration and a brief introduction by SIMS members, we began to share our mission stories one by one. The concise and true volunteer experiences of SIMS group made us deeply moved , such as teaching children to ride a bicycle, the difficulties in volunteer activities, and so on. We are totally attracted by their kindness and their devotion for medicine.


1536636540542048.jpg 1536636756544964.jpg 1536644388254100.jpg 

SRRSH group also showed their understandings of mission in various ways. NICU team described the touching story of a newborn baby with them by dancing and singing .The Department of Hematology applied their own LOGO and sign language to deliver the mission of "giving you sincerity confidence and love" .Finally, Yang Lili, director of Nursing Education, shared a personal experience of what had happened on the train and expressed her pride in her profession and her mission to keep in mind.


After the sharing session, the participants had dinner together, continued to exchange their life and work, and took pictures for memory. After the event, everyone showed their great enjoyment of the "Mission Story Night" activities.

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On August 8, Jiangshan People’s Hospital organized “International Health Service Day”. In the morning, SIMS group visited the hospital and took part in the service. They promoted the concept of healthy lifestyle to the Chinese citizens. 


At 10:00 in the morning, the LLUH student volunteers were slip into groups. They explained the correct method of brushing teeth in detail at the inpatient building hall of internal medicine. Volunteers guided citizens to do some exercises for having a healthier lifestyle. Children followed big brothers to play the game of “guiding a tennis ball through an obstacle”.


"This activity teaches me how to brush my teeth; I used to brush my teeth casually and incorrectly until now. What’s more, these foreign volunteers are full of enthusiasm and patience." Ms Wang, one of the beneficiaries, said happily.


Around 200 people came to the activity and more than 100 gifts like health education brochures, toothpaste and toothbrushes were distributed among the participants. It was clear that people were happy to be part of the event. Everyone was willing to participate in such a public welfare activity so that they can enjoy medical service from specialists at their doorstep. 

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Loma Linda University Health and Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital have an in-depth cooperation for more than 20 years. SIMS group promotes and advocates healthy lifestyle to the related communities, schools and medical institutions for those in need through various forms such as health education and health assessment. Since the cooperation between Jiangshan People's Hospital and Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital was established in 2013, the medical concept of the international vision, which Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital holds all the time, has gradually penetrated into the primary hospitals.


"In the future, we will strengthen the communication and collaboration with Loma Linda University. In order to provide high-quality health service to the public, we will conduct similar activities more and bring advanced healthy concepts to Jiangshan." Quoted by Mr He Feifang, the executive vice-president of Jiangshan People's Hospital and a resident expert from Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital.


We believe that with the joint efforts and mission of all, the world will certainly be better!