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Elective Application

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital's international medical elective program started in 1999 and currently receives more than 50 students and young professionals each year. This program offers an opportunity for applicants to further their study and learn about healthcare in other countries all while experiencing the culture and lifestyle of China. We accept applications from medical students, medical residents, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare workers interested in taking anywhere from two weeks to three months learning clinically in a Chinese public hospital.

Medical Students

As a teaching hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital provides a wide range of medical services in most major specialties and subspecialties, with the exception of pediatrics. With well qualified English speaking doctors on our staff, the hospital is able to accommodate foreign medical students for clinical observation and rotations for times of at least two weeks and less than three months. During that time, participants will be in the same program as the other medical students of the department of their choosing.

The Foreign Medical Elective Program offers an educational experience in a unique cultural environment. Through observation and study, medical elective students gain knowledge and skills in an Asian healthcare setting that allows objective understanding of the challenge of delivering standardized care in different cultural settings, and an experience that will help heighten cultural sensitivity in their future practices. As soon as an individual decides on their interests, we will contact the clinical specialty, and find an English-speaking instructor (attending physician) in that specialty. Once they complete the elective/resident program at SRRSH, we will be responsible for writing an evaluation of their study and performance here based on their school's requirements. Please note that the applicant must spend a minimum of two weeks in a single department before rotating to a different department.

Medical Residents

Residents are also welcome to apply for a short term medical elective at SRRSH with a duration between two weeks and three months. It is an opportunity to view healthcare from a different perspective while further improving your medical skill.

Though similar to the medical student program above, the resident Foreign Medical Elective Program differs clinically. The resident rotation provides the resident with hands-on practice opportunities under instructor supervision, somewhat like a residency in their home country, but with more assistance for language and cultural reasons. When an applicant informs us of the specialty they are interested in, we will find an English-speaking attending physician to mentor them. Applicants must remember that there is a two week minimum for a rotation in any one department. Any requirements given by the resident's home institution are the responsibility of the resident to fulfill.

Other Healthcare Applicants

SRRSH accepts applicants from many different careers within healthcare. Nursing and pharmacy are only two of the many professions that we accept for an elective. Individuals interested in spending two weeks to three months in SRRSH for an elective should not hesitate to apply. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn about a different culture and a chance to work with a high number of patients. It isn't just our medical specialists who are happy to receive learners; all of our existing programs welcome applications. We consider applications based on the availability of English-speaking instructors for each position and, as with all other programs, on a first come, first served basis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

As the practice of historic Chinese Medicine continues to improve the health of many around the world, the interest in it continues to increase. SRRSH is not a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospital, but we do have a TCM department for patients seeking chronic treatment with few side effects. Individuals interested in a medical or pharmaceutical elective with the TCM department should consider the following requirements:

TCM electives are always for a single week in duration and must accompany another rotation in a separate department. We only allow a single applicant to study with the TCM department at any one time. Lastly, any applicant will only be able to make the most of an opportunity in TCM if they are literate in Chinese. These factors, combined with the popularity of the TCM program, make it a competitive elective to apply for.

We are glad to learn that you are interested in taking the medical elective rotation in China and thanks for selecting Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital.Please download and fill out the application form below and send it to with your CV and the recommendation letter from your university. We will deliver your documents to our Research & Education dept. for approval.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, at email Thanks.

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