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Your Accommodations

During your stay at SRRSH, there are several residence rooms which are located in Qiantang Campus are available. Otherwise you need find your residence by yourselves. Please kindly note that we could not 100% promise your accommodation during your elective time, but we will keep you posted about the updates.

The SRRSH Cafeteria is open for breakfast (06:30-08:00), lunch (11:00-12:30) and supper (16:30-18:00) serving Zhejiang style Chinese food. A meal card for the cafeteria will be given to you during your orientation. The surrounding neighborhood is filled with restaurants serving a variety of regional Chinese fare. From fancy restaurants to cozy hole-in-the-wall joints, there is something for everyone. If you would like to have some more familiar food, common American restaurant chains abound.

The Shaw Coffee shop (08:00-20:00) is open for coffee and pastries. You can use the meal card in the coffee shop. When you are free, you can have a rest with a nice Shaw coffee. Shaw coffee open to staff and patients at the same time, and also has the functions as a culture salon.