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Questions & Answers
  • Q 11. May I bring my relative/friend/spouse to stay with me while I study at SRRSH?
  • A   If you have completed medical school (or other healthcare degree) you are welcome to bring your spouse to accompany you. For those in medical school or the equivalent, we ask that you come individually. An alternative option is finding housing for those accompanying you.
  • Q 10. Do I have to pay for health insurance while I am at SRRSH?
  • A This is completely up to you, however, SRRSH does not require it. If you would like to purchase health insurance coverage for your stay here, please feel free to do so.
  • Q 9. Regarding traveling during the weekends, is it safe and easy for foreign women to travel to interesting places alone?
  • A   It is very popular for foreigners to travel within Hangzhou by themselves, both male and female, as well as to the surrounding regions, as the city is known as an international tourist city. Hangzhou also has a reputation as an extremely safe city. Detailed arrangements and travel information can be obtained upon request. 
  • Q 8. What is my financial responsibility during my rotation at SRRSH?
  • A Your elective rotation, if accepted, is free of charge. However, accommodations, meals, transportation, and anything outside of the program will be the applicant's responsibility. 
  • Q 7. How far in advance do I need to book an accommodation?
  • A   Upon being accepted by SRRSH for your rotation, you should start to book the accommodation. 
  • Q 6. How do I check-in when I arrive at the SRRSH campus?
  • A Normally, Mrs. Amy Wang, administrative assistant, will meet you at the Center for International Collaboration (Qingchun Campus, Tower Ⅶ, Floor 4) or will come meet you wherever you are on the SRRSH campus, and then accompany  you to the  Administration Building .  Her phone number is 188 6715 3204. Please feel free to call her directly with the help of one of the Emergency Department staff members. (In order to do this, please go to the Emergency Department which is located in Building No. 1. After going through the hospital lobby at the front entrance, you will arrive there. Then borrow a cell phone from one of the friendly medical staff members so that you can contact her.) 
  • Q 5.How can I get to SRRSH after I arrive at the airport?
  • A If arriving by air at the Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou:  please take an aviation bus to the city center and then take a taxi to the hospital. You can also take a taxi directly from the airport, but it will be more expensive. Please see the following website for more details. If you arrive by air at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Shanghai:  It will be most economical and easy to take an aviation bus from Shanghai to the city center of Hangzhou, and then take a taxi to the hospital. Please see the following website for more details.    
  • Q 4. May I arrive at SRRSH during the weekend?
  • A It is our recommendation that you plan to arrive in Hangzhou during the week, as there will be no staff working in the Center for International Collaboration or in the Administration Building during the weekend. 
  • Q 3. Where is the Center for International Collaboration in SRRSH?
  • A   It is located on Floor 4, Tower Ⅶ,Qingchun Campus.
  • Q 2. What is your minimal educational requirement for taking a medical elective at SRRSH?
  • A   We only take medical students in the final two years of medical school. Other healthcare students follow the same principle and should be near the end of their degree.
  • Q 1. How far in advance does SRRSH need to receive my application?
  • A We prefer to have it six months ahead of the time you are applying for. Also, our acceptance policy is first come, first served.