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Introduction to SRRSH Nursing Shared Governance Model


In 2014, SRRSH Nursing Executive Committee decided to develop nursing shared governance structure for Magnet Hospital Recognition preparation. Based on literature review, American hospitals observation, and SRRSH nurses’ input, SRRSH Nursing Shared Governance Model was developed presented as Fig 1.


The Shared Governance Model at SRRSH provides professional nurses a voice in shared decision-making that creates a positive impact on the quality of patient and family care. Through a formalized structure of committees and councils, clinical professional nurses have the ability to facilitate recommendation and make decisions that pertain to clinical care, quality improvement, and nursing practice.

SRRSH Nursing Shared Governance Model defines professional nurses’ role in hospital and nursing care delivery. It supports and facilitates nurses’ participation in management. The model is consisting of four levels of structure:

Ÿ   Unit Council

Ÿ   Clinical Resource Committee

Ÿ   Nursing Core Council

Ÿ   Nursing Coordinating Council

In 2015, SRRSH Nursing Shared Governance Model was implemented across the hospital. Chairs, co-chairs and members were recruited by recommendation as well as self-recommendation, who were trained to develop agenda, host or facilitate a meeting, represent and advocate clinical nurses, and manage projects, etc. Shared Governance structure was professionally used by nurses to address topics on nursing practice, nursing quality and patient safety, professional development, nursing research and evidence-based practice, and SRRSH nursing culture cultivation.


In 2016, to evaluate SRRSH Nursing Shared Governance Model, all nurses (including nurse leaders, nurse managers and all levels and settings of clinical nurses) were surveyed using Index of Professional Nursing Governance. With a mean score of 174.13±43.90, the result showed that SRRSH was in early stage of shared governance, which indicated the effectiveness of SRRSH Nursing Shared Governance Model.


In 2017 and 2018, SRRSH Nursing Shared Governance Model was on the process of evolution with more and more nurses’ input. Now SRRSH nurses enjoy SRRSH Nursing Shared Governance structure as they are now having a voice in hospital and unit management and engaging in shared decision making pertaining themselves and patient care. 

Author: Hu Xiaoyun