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Mongolia Delegation Successfully Visited Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital


Author and Translator:  Hu Yuzi(Zoe)

On July 26th, Mongolia Delegation accompanied by a representative from Health Human Resources Development Center of National Health Commission visited  Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University Medical School (SRRSH). The visit aims to understand and learn the advanced experience of SRRSH in general practice development and the collaborative synergy between SRRSH’s General Practice Department and Health Community Centers. The Vice President, Dr. Yu Hong, the Vice Director of Center for International Collaboration, Ms. Zhan Yilei, Assistant Director of Education Department, Dr. Huang He, Director of Simulation Medicine Center, Ms. Lin Ling, and Assistant Director of General Practice Department, Dr. Dai Honglei showed up in the meeting.


At the first place, Dr. Yu Hong extended the warm welcome to the Delegation and introduced SRRSH’s history, service idea, innovation mode, honors and outcomes in recent years. Meanwhile, Dr. Yu also expressed a willingness to continue the communication and collaboration with Mongolia and other countries in WHO West Pacific Region in the future to work together for promoting well-being for all. Then, Dr. Huang He introduced China’s medical education system as well as SRRSH’s training practices. As the third clinical training base of Zhejiang University, SRRSH runs an all-round comprehensive training system including residents standardization training, medical students training, continue training and so on. At last, Dr. Dai introduced the development of general practice. With long-term exploration and constant innovation, SRRSH has established a new mode for residents standardization training, and Dr. Dai showed to the Delegation how to utilize internet platform to conduct on-line training. The advanced training system and innovative training mode attracted the Delegation deeply and raised a hot discussion.


After the meeting, Mongolia Delegation visited the Skills Training Center, Out-patient Lobby and Sijiqing Community Health Center, speaking highly of SRRSH’s pioneering “Internet + Healthcare Model”, professional teaching and training system, self-help registration in Community Health Center and other convenient medical services.


Seeing the advanced general practice development and pioneering residents standardization training of SRRSH, Mongolia Delegation expressed their excitement and their hope for further collaboration. Meanwhile, SRRSH is willing to share successful experience and contribute to the medical education and training of Mongolia and other countries along the “Belt and Road”.