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SRRSH delegation was invited to visit Oman


Edited by Xi Yue (Andie)

Dr. Cai Xiujun, President of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH), affiliated with Zhejiang University School of Medicine and other hospital leaderships visited Oman at the invitation of the Ministry of Health and the Royal Hospital, Sultanate of Oman, from May 19 to 24. The delegation performed surgery for local patients and exchanged with relevant organizations on medical technology, discipline construction, highly-skilled personnel training, etc.


Carrying out multiple operations for local patients: a groundbreaking act


“The patient's various functions are steadily recovering. Thank you for your excellent technology and selfless dedication!” On the evening of May 22, the SRRSH delegation received thanks from the Royal Hospital. Just on May 20, a member of the delegation, Dr. YU Hong, Vice President of SRRSH, performed a 6-hour liver transplantation for an Omani patient with the Royal Hospital.



Dr. YU Hong, Vice President of SRRSH, performing the liver transplantation with a hepatobiliary surgeon from the Royal Hospital



Dr. CAI Xiujun, President of SRRSH, Dr. YU Hong, Vice President of SRRSH, and Dr. LIANG Xiao, President Assistant discussing the case with Omani doctors


On May 23, Dr. CAI Xiujun, Dr. LIANG Xiao, and surgeons from the Royal Hospital jointly completed a laparoscopic resection of a tumor at the right posterior lobe and a laparoscopic resection of multiple metastases in the right liver.


“This is our first laparoscopic resection of the right liver tumor!” Before the visit of the SRRSH delegation, open surgery was the only way to do right liver tumor resection for the hospital. The minimally invasive surgical method introduced by the Chinese experts has impressed them with its supremacy, including short operation time, small wounds, and less bleeding.



Dr. CAI Xiujun and Dr. LIANG Xiao performing laparoscopic resection of the right liver tumor



SRRSH experts taking a group photo with the local hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery team outside the operating room


Meanwhile, members of the delegation, Dr. DING Guoqing and Dr. SONG Zhangfa, Vice Presidents of SRRSH provided surgical guidance at the Royal Hospital and another Omani hospital. Amazed at the super techniques and the strong sense of responsibility of the delegation, Omani doctors described the team from afar as “super fast”. They applauded, “You have many advanced technologies that can be shown to the entire globe. These surgical instructions are a great start, and I hope to have more exchanges with you."



Dr. Ding Guoqing, Vice President of SRRSH, giving urological surgical guidance



Dr. Song Zhangfa, Vice President of SRRSH, and a colorectal surgeon


Passing on to great love and tapping into medical cooperation


The delegation also visited the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Oman Medical Specialty Board, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, etc.

The Omani Minister of Higher Education showcased intense interest in introducing Omani medical talents to Zhejiang for further study. When asked about the main purpose of this visit, Dr. CAI Xiujun answered, “passing on to great love.”


He explained that it was due to the love of Sir Run Run Shaw towards his motherland that SRRSH came into being. And in the early days of the hospital, it received support from Loma Linda University Health in the United States. These experiences motivate SRRSH to share quality medical resources with countries along the Belt and Road.


SRRSH delegation and the Omani Ministry of Higher Education discussing talent cultivation



SRRSH delegation with representatives of the Omani Ministry of Higher Education


At Sultan Qaboos University, Dr. DING Guoqing introduced that SRRSH completed the first 5G robot-assisted radical cystectomy in the world, which spanned 5000 km. This amazed the director of Urology at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. He asked a series of questions with the hope that the technology would be applied in the hospital.


The presentation of intestinal diversion with a degradable stent by Dr. SONG Zhangfa was a highlight. The new method replaces the 167-year-old traditional procedure. It avoids enterostomy, stoma closure operation, and artificial anal indwelling and shorten the treatment time from 3-6 months to 3 weeks. It won heartfelt acclaim from the experts at the scene who advocated local application of this technique.



SRRSH delegation at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital



Exchanges between the SRRSH delegation and medical interns at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital



Group photo of SRRSH delegation and representatives of Sultan Qaboos University Hospital


Dr. CAI Xiujun said, “Chinese-style modern hospitals must have their own characteristics and specialties to attract peers and make their voice heard in the international medical community.”


The Omani delegation was invited to visit Hangzhou this October.