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Neurology experts from SRRSH went to Alaer, giving flexible aid to Xinjiang


On June 20, Dr. Lv Wen and Dr. Lu Peilin, Chief Physician of Neurology of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) arrived at Zhejiang University Sir Run Run Shaw Alaer Hospital (Alaer Hospital) for a 4-day flexible aid on the invitation of Dr. Tan Tailin, Vice President of Zhejiang Alaer Hospital and Dr. Ma Shuqin, Deputy Chief Physician of Neurology of Alaer Hospital. They joined other specialists from Zhejiang province, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of Shihezi University to give lessons to trainees of the Second Neurology Exchange Conference. As a continuing medical education program organized by Alaer Hospital, it was widely recognized by students across Xinjiang province.


Group photos of a part of the experts

After the class, Dr. Lv Wen and Dr. Lu Peilin saw outpatients at Alaer Hospital in a meticulous and patient manner.


Dr. Lv Wen seeing a patient


Dr. Lu Peilin seeing a patient

After seeing the outpatients, the two specialists conducted a ward round, reviewing the care of inpatients with refractory neurological diseases.


Dr. Lv Wen and Dr. Lu Peilin on a ward round

After careful consultation and physical examination, the two specialists and physicians of the Neurology Department at Alaer Hospital read and interpreted films and discussed patients' symptoms, physical signs, and diagnoses, determining the next treatment plans. Participated in the rounds and discussions the whole time, physicians from Alaer Hospital said that they benefited a lot from the process.


Dr. Lv Wen examined a patient with Parkinson's disease

The two specialists were impressed by a young girl who graduated from Guangxi Medical University School of Medicine. When asked about the reason behind coming to Xinjiang, she explained that she joined the Western Plan in the hope of helping patients in Xinjiang, a province in the far western part of the motherland. She loves Xinjiang and Alaer and plans to stay there after the project. There are a number of physicians from all around the country in Alaer with impressive passion for work. It is believed that with the robust support of SRRSH and medical workers nationwide, Xinjiang province will witness rapid progress in its medical services.