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Orthopedic Surgery


The Department of Orthopedic Surgery of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) is the training center for orthopedic resident doctors, approved by the Ministry of Health. As the director institution of Zhejiang Orthopedic Association, the department boasts several surgical techniques that reach the international leading level with our profound technical strength. There are currently 56 clinicians in the department, including 14 professors/chief physicians, 17 associate chief physicians, 8 MD supervisors and 17 Masters supervisors.


[Academic Status]

National Health Commission orthopaedic resident physician training base

Director institution of Orthopedic Physician Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association

Former and designated chairman institution of Orthopaedic Branch of Zhejiang Medical Society

Vice-chairman institution of Zhejiang Sports Medicine Association

Deputy director institution of Sports Medicine Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association

Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Skeletal Muscle Degeneration, Regenerative Repair and Translational Research

Demonstration base for standardized diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis

Construction institution of China Diabetic Foot Alliance Center

Initiator and chairman institution of Zhejiang Diabetic Foot Alliance


[Medical Care Service]

Our specialty in medical treatments includes oblique lateral interbody fusion (OLIF) technique, low back pain minimally invasive treatment techniques, treatment of thoracolumbar fractures, treatment of lumbar spondylolisthesis, direct anterior approach total hip arthroplasty, unicompartmental knee arthroplasty, arthroscopic techniques, and treatment of diabetic foot and osteomyelitis.

We have a full set of imported medical equipment, including minimally invasive posterior and oblique approach lumbar fusion operating systems, systems for minimally invasive thoracolumbar anterior operation, Endo-disc endoscopes, instruments and equipment for arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgeries, therapeutic apparatus to treat lumbar disc herniation - through percutaneous minimally invasive techniques, and spinal cord monitors.

Our clinical services include Specialist, Famous Expert and VIP Clinics, Group Practices for Low Back Pain & Osteoporosis, Arthroscopic Clinic, General Clinic and weekend Clinic services.


[Direction of Research]

1. Molecular mechanism and biomechanical study of musculoskeletal degeneration

2. Research on regeneration, repair and application of musculoskeletal system

3. Research on the pathogenesis of degenerative osteoarthropathy

4. research on the mechanism and therapy of massive rotator cuff tear;

5. Clinical and basic research on diabetic foot ulcers and osteomyelitis,

6. Research and application of biological therapy for chronic wounds

7. Reconstruction and repair of hand function

8. Replantation of severed limbs/ fingers.

9. Clinical and basic experimental research on the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis with tissue flaps combined with biomaterials

10. Clinical and basic experimental research on repairing complex soft tissue defects using tissue engineering technology

11. Basic experimental research on repairing peripheral nerve injury with stem cells


[Achievement of Research]

In the past three years, the department has presided over 1 national key research and development plan, 19 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China, 17 provincial and ministerial projects, including 1 provincial outstanding youth project. Meanwhile, the department has published 86 SCI articles, including 13 international high-impact papers,  and obtained more than 10 invention patents and 13 utility model patents.


[International Exchange and Cooperation]

Given the good cooperative relations with Loma Linda University in the US, we are actively involved in international exchanges. Several foreign consultants are invited to visit the department annually. Besides, all the doctors in the department have been sent to study overseas including  the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and various other countries.