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Minimally Invasive Surgery Collaboration Boosts the High-Quality Cultivation of "Belt & Road" Medical Talents


From Nov. 9 to 14, the international collaboration training courses of "Belt & Road" Medical Talent Training Alliance on Minimally Invasive Surgery Technology Development was successfully held at Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH) affiliated with Zhejiang University. This training mainly focused on laparoscopic liver and pancreatic surgery and the international first stent entero-anastomosis and intestinal bypass in the world. Combining online and offline mode, it attracted 168 domestic and foreign doctors from 25 medical institutions of eight countries on five continents to participate.


ZHANG Junhua, Secretary-general of Health Human Resources Development Center(HHRDC) of the National Health Commission, addressed the opening remarks


YU Hong, vice president of SRRSH, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

The training includes theoretical teaching and livestream practical operation. In the theoretical lecture, Vice President SONG Zhangfa gave a keynote report on “Development of biodegradable stent and creation and application of stent intestinal anastomosis and intestinal bypass”. With the theme of “Laparoscopic liver resection by curettage and aspiration dissection and stent intestinal anastomosis and intestinal bypass”, Associate Chief Physician Wang Yifan introduced the Cai's ALLPS in detail, a new theory and technology created by President CAI Xiujun, which triggered positive discussion and unanimous praise from the participants.

1677479558123092.png 1677479681319597.png

President CAI Xiujun and his team pioneered the stent intestinal anastomosis and intestinal bypass in the world to innovate the traditional surgery that had been used for 167 years, shortening the treatment cycle from the traditional 3 to 6 months to 3 weeks, shortening the hospitalization time of patients and reducing the trauma of patients and saving medical resources. The operation is simple to operate, does not affect the blood supply of intestinal rupture and is conducive for healing.


Dr. Cai Xiujun is operating with this technique

1677479984104459.png 1677480007823154.png

Laparoscopic Pancreaticoduodenectomy performed by Vice President YU Hong and his team


Robot-Assisted Fluorescence Navigation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Resection performed by Dr. LIANG Xiao and his team


Radical resection of gallbladder carcinoma performed by Dr. LIANG Yuelong and his team

Affected by the time difference, the African special session was held on the afternoon of Nov. 14. SRRSH connected to the African Mali Hospital and used French simultaneous interpretation to explain a high-quality laparoscopic surgery and a robotic-assisted surgery.

1677480180233361.png 1677480191985470.png

YU Renqiao, leader of the 28th Chinese Medical Aid team to Mali, and ZHANG Yun, deputy director of HHRDC of the National Health Commission delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the special event for Africa

The African special session received wide positive feedback. The doctors from Mali Hospital actively participated in the training course and discussed and asked questions in the interactive section.


Mali doctors asked questions during the interactive section


Dr. ZHAO Jie and Dr. CHEN Jiang answered the questions from Mali Hospital's doctors

This training course overcame the impact of the epidemic, innovated the training mode, and adopted the form of live surgery for the first time, which was praised by the National Health Commission. SRRSH of Zhejiang University, as the vice-chairperson unit of the alliance, is committed to exchanging the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge concepts with our counterparts around the world. The international collavorative training course on the development of minimally invasive surgical technology hosted by SRRSH has become an important platform for the training and exchange of medical talents under the "Belt and Road Initiative".


President Cai Xiujun said that innovation is an important driving force for the development of the hospital. The hospital is characterized by precision and minimally invasive surgery. It has successively established a number of scientific research platforms such as the Minimally Invasive Medical Academy and the National Engineering Research Center for Innovation and Application of Minimally Invasive Devices to continuously promote independent innovation in the field of minimally invasive medicine. In the next step, the hospital will further increase exchanges with its international counterparts, jointly promote the spirit of the Medical Silk Road, build a health community of a shared future for mankind, and jointly protect the bright future of human health.

Editor: Wang Junjie

Reviewer: Si Xiaocai(Shelia)