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The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center of Zhejiang University Presents Its 2nd Seminar



On the beautiful African continent, whenever the sun starts to rise, the antelope must run desperately to escape the lion's pursuit. The lions have to run fast so that they can hunt down the most delicious food. We, who are shouldering the improvement of rehabilitation career, must run on this land of Chinese medicine that has been found vigorously improved nowadays, just like these antelopes and lions. Therefore, on the Qingchun Campus of the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department(PM&R) of SRRSH successfully hosted the second seminar of Zhejiang University Rehabilitation Center.

Although it was late night of 19thMarch 2018, the rehabilitation department colleagues from the affiliated hospitals of Zhejiang University did not lose their passion for this salon. We were honored to have a group of special guests joining us - professors and Ph.D. students in physiotherapy from the University of Loma Linda. We had a special academic communication that presented the flourishing of Chinese and Western rehabilitation medicine researches. The atmosphere was lively.

On the early morning of that day, Professors and the medical students from the Physiotherapy Department of Loma Linda University visited the PM&R of Xiasha Campus of SRRSH Hospital. They visited the gyms, outpatient clinic, and communicated with the doctors and therapists of PM&R. They were so impressed with the development of rehabilitation medicine at the Zhejiang University Affiliated Hospital. And they were also amazed by the details of the diversified treatment methods, and the advanced equipment.

Department Introduction and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Demo from Wu Tao, Attending of PM&R, SRRSH


As night fell, Dr. Pablo Mleziva, Dr. Tim Cordett, Jordan Spady, and others from Loma Linda University brought wonderful lectures to us.

First of all, Li Jianhua, the director of PM&R, SRRSH Hospital, made a speech and warmly welcomed those friends from across the ocean.


The foreign friends also expressed sincere greetings and wishes to us. They presented Chen Zhebing, Vice Dean of the first affiliated hospital, Zhejiang University, Director Li from the Children's Hospital, Director Li and Dr. Bian from SRRSH, and Professor Yang from Zhejiang University City College.


Seminar officially got started later. The opening lecture was about physiotherapy for Parkinson's Disease. They showed the training theories and practices such as loud sound, big movements, fluency training, and so on. The atmosphere was so active that everyone involved could not help participating in the training.

1524896740471924.jpg   1524896772285043.jpg


Then, Jordan Spady, a third-year Ph.D. student from Loma Linda University, explained "the systemic pain caused by one muscle group", namely, the association of muscle weakness of gluteus maximus and gluteus medius with the ankle, hip and knee joints pain as well as lower back pain. The presentation was not only from the latest global literature, but also combined with the actual manipulation. He demonstrated the top3 exercises that can effectively enhance the strength of the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus, including standard effective plate support, side plate support, and single leg squat.


Prof. Tim Cordett and Prof. Pablo Mleziva appeared as the finalists. They gave us the lectures about the rehabilitation treatment of pain and vertigo. During the lecture, Prof. Tim Cordett emphasized the importance of patient education about pain and making patients involved in the pain treatment. He also explained the importance of fully understanding the role of each one in the pain treatment team, such as the medical treatment of doctors, various physio-therapy methods from therapists, thoughts and activities of patients themselves. In the demonstration of vertigo rehabilitation treatment, Professor Pablo Mleziva introduced a very simple three-step process to distinguish between the central and peripheral vertigo, and to find out the vertigo patients that could be treated with rehabilitation treatment, to whom the treatment could be more effective. We couldn't help following Professor Pablo Mleziva to try these effective manual operations.


After a series of demonstrations, the professors also answered questions from the audiences patiently.

1524896068736870.jpg  1524896109101429.jpg

At the end of seminar, Chen Zuobin, Vice Dean of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, made a short but excellent summary . Because of the joining of Physiotherapy Department of Loma Linda University, it added an international component into our rehabilitation alliance. At the same time, he also shared his thoughts on the construction of rehabilitation. He emphasized that in the future we should master and improve our core technologies, build unique characteristics of rehabilitation department, and make it to become the unique component of hospital and the most powerful fresh blood of the hospital. This seminar successfully ended in everyone's warm applause. And we started to look forward to a more exciting communication in the future!

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Edited by Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department staff

Reviewed by Wang Mengyi